Andorra Re-Edit

I didn't have much time to edit the Andorra video so when we got back to Austria after the race i spent some time and re-edited it. The other edit was already posted though so this version has been sitting on my hardrive for the last couple of months. I didn't want it to go to waste so I just uploaded it to my vimeo account.

Yeti Cycles WC4 Andorra Re-Edit from John Reynolds on Vimeo.


Worlds/Schladming Videos

The last few weeks were awesome, from Worlds in Australia to Finals in Austria it was a great way to end the season.

Yeti Cycles WC9 Schladming from John Reynolds on Vimeo.

Yeti Cycles DH World Champs from John Reynolds on Vimeo.

Yeti Cycles 4x World Champs from John Reynolds on Vimeo.

Also check out the new "Features" and "Bike" section at yeticycles.com, there is some great new content and I'm really excited about the features section.



I'm still slacking on the posts but I really haven't done much for the past couple of weeks, that will all change tomorrow though when I leave for National Championships in Sol Vista kicking off 4 weeks of racing. I'll try and post more but till then here is an interview that Fall Line Productions did with me. Its nothing to special but it was the first time in front of the camera for me and probably one of the last.

Yeti Cycles: John Reynolds and Jared Graves Interview from Fallline Productions on Vimeo.


2 New Videos

Its been awhile since I have posted anything but I'm going to try and be better about it. I'm back home now and things have settled down and should stay that way for the next couple of weeks. Since I last posted I have been to Scotland, Slovenia and now back to Denver. Here the are the last two videos from Scotland and Slovenia.

Yeti Cycles WC5 Ft William from John Reynolds on Vimeo.

Yeti Cycles WC6 Maribor from John Reynolds on Vimeo.

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Dirt Masters Video

After Andorra we headed to Germany for the IXS Dirt Masters, it's a local race in Germany that draws huge numbers of participants and big crowds. It turned out to be a fun weekend with Jared winning the 4x and Sam winning the Downhill. After the race we headed back to Austria for a week off before going to Scotland.

Yeti Cycles IXS Dirt Masters from John Reynolds on Vimeo.


Andorra Video

Unfortunately I don't think that this edit really does the race in Andorra justice but I only had a few hours to get the video done. I am hoping to do a re-edit in the next few days if I have time in order to tell more of the story from the race. Until its done enjoy this one which I still think has a lot of great riding in it.

Yeti Cycles WC4 Andorra from John Reynolds on Vimeo.