Fox Media Launch

On top of all the Yeti videos I will doing this year I will also be working for Fox Racing Shox and doing some videos for them. It's going to be a hectic summer but it gives me the chance to shoot some different riders and go to some really cool events. I spent the beginning of the week at the Fox Media Launch. Every year Fox invites people from different media outlets to come and check out there new products. This year was a little bit different because they had all of the different divisions together. This means that along with bikes they also had motorsports and powersports. The event was at Zaca Station which is near Solvang, CA. I was really excited because i got the opportunity to shoot some really fast motocross riders. It was my first time seeing a top motocross rider in action and it was awesome getting to shoot video of them.

The highlight of the weekend for me was riding in the new Ford Rapture. Ford did a really good job with this truck and it was a lot of fun to ride in. At one point we were going 90mph down a dirt road, it was a cool experience to say the least. I'm getting on a plane in the morning for South Africa. I can believe that the season is finally here and i get to travel to all of the world cups. The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy but I'll try to do some updates when i can.

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