Dirt Masters Video

After Andorra we headed to Germany for the IXS Dirt Masters, it's a local race in Germany that draws huge numbers of participants and big crowds. It turned out to be a fun weekend with Jared winning the 4x and Sam winning the Downhill. After the race we headed back to Austria for a week off before going to Scotland.

Yeti Cycles IXS Dirt Masters from John Reynolds on Vimeo.


Andorra Video

Unfortunately I don't think that this edit really does the race in Andorra justice but I only had a few hours to get the video done. I am hoping to do a re-edit in the next few days if I have time in order to tell more of the story from the race. Until its done enjoy this one which I still think has a lot of great riding in it.

Yeti Cycles WC4 Andorra from John Reynolds on Vimeo.


Andorra Day 2

We woke up to more rain in Andorra today but I was expecting it so it wasn't a surprise. I spent the morning editing and looked out the window and saw that it was clearing up so I went out to start shooting the next video. Of course as soon as I get set up it starts to rain so I head back to hotel. I did some more editing and then headed back up the mountain determined to get some shots even if the rain didn't stop. Well the rain didn't stop it actually got worse and they ended up canceling 4x practice. At this point I was wet and cold and wanted to try and salvage the day and get some shots. I stuck it out and watched as the clouds broke which made for a nice sunset. Hopefully today is the end of the rain but I have a feeling that isn't. Tomorrow is DH practice in the morning and 4x in the afternoon. If the weather is anything like it was today it's going to make for some hard work tomorrow.

France Video

Last weekend we were in La Bresse, France. Le Bresse is a quite little town that played host to the 2nd DH race of the World Cup series. It was a short open track that a lot of people were calling old school. It definitely reminded me of the tracks that i use to watch in all the videos growing up and it made me feel like we were finally in Europe at a World Cup. Not many people there spoke English and I don't speak French so it made for some interesting situations. I worked hard on this video and I'm happy with how it turned out and I can't wait for this weekends racing.

Yeti Cycles WC3 France from John Reynolds on Vimeo.



We drove all day yesterday through France and got to Andorra late last night. The drive was very scenic and a great way to see France. The race is in a resort town named Vallnord. It's an awesome town with a mix of old and new buildings. There is a gondola that you take from the town up to the pit area and then another lift to the top of the Downhill track. We woke up to off and on rain showers today, i was excited to see the mountain so i took the gondola up to the pits. It was cold and rainy and the mountain still has a lot of snow on it. I heard that they had to dig out the track because the snow hasn't melted yet. The weather forecast is calling for rain and cold weather the rest of the week so it should be an interesting race.

Belgium Video

Here is the video from Belgium. I'm really happy with how it came out. The video from La Bresse should be posted by tonight.

Yeti Cycles WC2 Belgium from John Reynolds on Vimeo.



Houffalize is well known for its cycling fans and a place that i have wanted to visit for a long time so it was awesome to finally get there. It was a long day of driving from Austria to make it to our hotel which was in a small town outside of Houffalize. Our hotel room was the smallest room i have ever seen so I had to sleep in the van for the 4 nights that we were there. It wasn't the best but I made due and it was well worth it on Saturday night when Jared won the 4x. I have never seen so many fans at a race before that night. The atmosphere was awesome and it was cool that they had it under the lights(even the though they gave off the worst green flickering glow). Since the race didn't start till the evening I was able to do a little bit of exploring Saturday morning and stumbled upon an old castle that was above the town we were in. I was excited to be able to check it out especially since it was the first time that I was able to get away and see apart of Europe that didn't involve bikes. We leave for France in the morning for the next round of the World Cup in La Bresse.



Andrew from yetifan.com asked me to fill out a few questions for his site and he just posted it. You can check it out here.