South Africa

We landed in Johannesburg after about 20 hours of traveling and were greeted by the South African Yeti distributors who are our tour guides for the trip. After waiting for the rest of the team and collecting our luggage we were off to the hotel. We stayed the first two nights in a nice hotel outside of Johannesburg. First impressions of South Africa is of all the security, everyone has a wall around there house with an electrical fence on top and some people even have guards and bars on there windows. It made me feel a little bit uneasy but everyone we have met has been very nice. The above photo was taken from my balcony in the hotel room.

Our second day here we spent in downtown Johannesburg. We had a nice lunch where we were able to try some of the local food and beer. I had ostrich, crocodile and tried these weird worms (i can't remember the exact name of them). The ostrich and crocodile were really good and believe it or not the worms weren't that bad.

We got up early this morning and made the drive to Peitermaritzburg, it took us about 4 hours and was a nice way to see some of the African country side. We are staying in a nice house here that has a great view of the town. The race doesn't start till Thursday so there isn't much to do until then.


  1. I am so jealous. Except for the eating disgusting looking things like worms part. Looks beautiful there. I am glad you are taking a lot of pictures!

    miss you

  2. Great Blog - Showed it to your grandmother and we really like it!

    We'll keep in touch...